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Democracy Digest Volume 65: "Crack & the CIA: 4 Events, with Gary Webb, Norman Solomon, Maxine Waters, and Dick Gregory"

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Total Running Time: 5 hours 44 minutes
(When ordering, request "DD65")

1) Gary Webb (8/31/55 - 12/10/04), author of Dark Alliance, at the UUSC Encuentro, 10/2/99, :49.

2) "Snow Job" Demo at the L.A. Times Building, with Norman Solomon, 2/17/97, :18.

3) "Crack the CIA" Press Conference, with Mike Ruppert, Cele Castillo, & Ralph McGeehee. L.A. City Hall, 2/22/97, :48.

4) "Crack the CIA" Rally, with Maxine Waters, Dick Gregory, David Saybow, and many others. L.A. City Hall, 2/22/97, 3:48.