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Democracy Digest Volume 68: "Human Rights Abuses in Our Hemisphere, 4 Events; with Dennis Banks, Jennifer Harbury, Charlie Clements, and Kevin Pina"

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1) Dennis Banks, co-founder of the American Indian Movement and author of Ojibwa Warrior, at Mother Bear's Books, San Pedro, California, 1/27/05, 1:36.

2) Jennifer Harbury: "U.S. Involvement in Torture: Legal, Historical, & Security Issues", with introduction by Fiona Knox. 11/13/04, :59.

3) Charlie Clements, past president of Physicians for Human Rights and Physicians for Social Responsibility, and author of Witness to War: "Water & Other Human Rights Under Siege in the 3rd World". At the UUSC Volunteer Workshop, Long Beach, California, 1/22/05; :81.

4) Filmmaker Kevin Pina: "The Betrayal of Haiti", 11/19/04, 1:57.

Total Running Time: 5 hours 53 minutes