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Democracy Digest Volume 81: The Life and Work of a Champion of Civil Liberties: Frank Wilkinson Remembered

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Total Running Time 6 hours 4 minutes.
(When ordering, ask for "DD81")

1) A Celebration of the Life of Frank Byron Wilkinson (8/16/14 - 1/2/06), with Sarah Cooper, Jo Wilkinson, Jan Breidenbach, Ry Cooder, Jackie Goldberg, Karen Bass, Ramona Ripston, Kit Gage, Jeffry Wilkinson, Andrea McEvoy, Michael Reggio, John Childers, William Childers, Robert Childers, Tony Wilkinson, and Donna Wilkinson. At Holman UMC, Los Angeles, CA; 1/28/06, 2 hours 41 minutes.

2) "The Price of Freedom", with Ed Asner & Frank Wilkinson. 1991; 21 minutes.

3) Southern California Library 2002 Dinner honoring Frank Wilkinson; also with Culture Clash. 1 hour 45 minutes.

4) Frank Wilkinson on Late Night America with Dennis Wholey. Detroit, MI; 1985; 23 minutes.

5) Frank Wilkinson & Jerry Persky inter-viewed by Alicia Sandoval. 6/1982; 23 minutes.

6) Frank Wilkinson interviewed by David Kerby. Los Angeles, CA, 3/2002; 29 minutes.