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Democracy Digest Volume 71: Free Speech Movement @ 40 (Set of 3 DVDs)

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Free Speech Movement 40th Anniversary Program
"FSM@40: Free Speech in a Dangerous Time"
UC Berkeley, October 4-10, 2004
(When ordering, ask for "DD71" to request all 3 DVDs or specify "DD71.1" "DD71.2" or "DD71.3" to request a specific disc.)

Democracy Digest Volume 71.1 (DVD 1 of 3)
"Free Speech Movement @ 40" Reunion Part 1, with Molly Ivins, Kevin Danaher, Michael Lerner, Alex Cockburn, Lynn Hollander Savio, & more.
Sections 1 through 5 (of 13)
Total Running Time: 5 hours 56 minutes

1) FSM and Civil Liberties Poetry Reading by John Oliver Simon. Bear's Lair, 10/5/04, :05.

2) Panel: Effective Strategies of Change, Part 1, with John Sellers, Michael Lerner, David Solnit, & Kevin Danaher. 10/6/04, :79.

3) The 2004 Mario Savio Mem'l Lecture by Molly Ivins, with Young Activist Award Presentation. Zellerbach Hall, 10/6/04, :91.

4) Panel: FSM & the Sixties: Lessons for Today, with Alex Cockburn, Lenni Brenner (aka Lenny Glaser), Jack Heyman & Michael Rossman. Sproul Plaza near Bancroft, 10/7/04, :68.

5) Panel: How it Worked: Nuts & Bolts of the FSM, with Kathleen Piper, Richard Schmorleitz, John Sutake, Gretchen Lipow, Jack Radey, Sid Stapleton, & Marilyn Noble. International House, 10/7/04, 1:52.

Democracy Digest Volume 71.2 (DVD 2 of 3)
"Free Speech Movement @ 40" Reunion Part 2, with Panels on the FSM & the Black Freedom Struggle (plus Cornel West's 2001 Mario Savio Speech).
Sections 6 thru 9 (of 13)
Total Running Time: 6 hours 11 minutes

6) Panel: Berkeley & the Black Freedom Struggle, Then & Now. With Waldo Martin, Mike Miller, Hardy Frye, Tamam Moncur (Tracy Sims), Cassie Lopez, & Josie Hyman. International House, 10/7/04, 1:45.

7) Excerpt from the film "Berkeley in the Sixties", shown between the preceding & the following panels. 10/7/04, :28.

8) Panel: Focus on the FSM: Its Genesis, Meanings, & Consequences. With Michael Rossman, Peter Franck, Ken Cloke, Jo Freeman, Sid Stapleton, Bettina Aptheker, & Greil Marcus. International House, 10/7/05, 2:17.

9) The 2001 Mario Savio Mem'l Lecture by Dr. Cornel West: "Progressive Politics In These Times: From Vision to Action," with Young Activist Award Presentation. Student Union, 11/15/01, 1:41.

Democracy Digest Volume 71.3 (DVD 3 of 3)
"Free Speech Movement @ 40" Reunion Part 3, including Sproul Plaza Rally with Howard Dean, plus past Mario Savio Speeches by Barbara Ehrenreich & Arlie Hochschild
Sections 10 thru 13 (of 13)
Total Running Time: 6 hours 14 minutes

10) Effective Stategies of Change II, with Steve Jacobson, Jackie Goldberg, Joan Blades, Raj Jayadev, Bettina Aptheker, & Gloria la Riva. 10/8/04, 2:11.

11) Rally Around a Police Car in Sproul Plaza, with Michael Rossman, Terry Garthwaite, Misha Leybovich, Robert Birgeneau, Rosha Jones & Hiraa Khan, Julia Vinograd, Jackie Goldberg, Howard Dean, Tony Sera, & Bob Kearney. 10/8/04, 1:40.

12) Part of a Teach-In on the Patriot Act, one of 12 Teach-Ins on Civil Liberties that took place around Sproul Plaza. With Ann Fagan Ginger & Stephen Bingham. 10/8/04, :32.

13) The 2000 Mario Savio Memorial Lectures by Mario Savio Award co-recipients Barbara Ehrenreich & Arlie Hochschild, with Young Activist Award Presentation. 10/17/2000, 1:51.