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Democracy Digest Volume 73: Icons of the Green Movement -- Greenpeace Co-Founder Rex Weyler, Petra Kelly's Legacy, Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez

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Total Running Time: 5 hours 54 minutes
(When ordering, ask for "DD73")

1) Greenpeace International Co-Founder Rex Weyler on "Sustaining Activism"
L.A. Peace Center, 4/20/05, 1:41.
Author of Greenpeace: How a Group of Ecologists, Journalists, and Visionaries Changed the World
2) "Petra Kelly's Legacy", a talk by Claire Greensfelder about the innovative co-founder of the German Greens.
L.A. Peace Center, 3/17/04, :83.

3) "The Iraq Crisis" with Ralph Nader & Matt Gonzalez; also with Lynda Hernandez, Sarah Knopp, Arlene Inouye, Pablo Paredes, Sonali Kohatkar, Bob Coleman, & Greg Kafoury.
Bob Hope Patriotic Hall, L.A., CA, 4/3/05, 2:49.