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Democracy Digest Volume 82: Five Events with Novelist Gore Vidal

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Total Running Time: 6 hours
(When ordering, ask for "DD82")

1) Gore Vidal in conversation with Christopher Hitchens. Berkeley Community Theater, 3/11/98, 1 hour 28 minutes.

2) Gore Vidal at the Los Angeles "World Peace Day" Rally. 2/15/03; 14 minutes.

3) An Evening with Gore Vidal, author of Dreaming War, in discussion with Laura Flanders, with intro by Ann Philbin. Royce Hall, UCLA, 3/18/03, 1 hour 42 minutes.

4) Gore Vidal with Dennis Altman, author of Gore Vidal's America, at Dutton's Books, Beverly Hills, CA, 11/2/05, 1 hour 1 minute.

5) Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter (author of Iraq Confidential: The Untold Story . . .) with Gore Vidal. At Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, CA, 3/4/06, 1 hour 36 minutes.